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I am now using Thera-LINK, a secure video service for online sessions. I chose Thera-LINK because it is very user friendly. That said, there are some very important things you’ll need to know in order to avoid the potential frustration of not being able to connect at our scheduled appointment time.

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Thera-LINK Instructions

As soon as we mutually agreed on an appointment time, I will add your e-mail address and name as a client on my Thera-LINK platform. The system will then automatically generate an email that contains a link that you MUST click on to accept the invitation and join Thera-LINK. When you click the link, you’ll create your password and type in some other information. That first email might go to your junk/spam/clutter file, so go ahead and look for that at your earliest convenience.

As soon as you have your log in information, you can log into Thera-LINK. The dashboard will list your appointment details after I schedule it with a green join button that is available 2 hours prior to your appointment. The portal also has a menu on the left called support, which can further answer any questions.

Once you’ve logged in, you can click on the settings menu to upload a picture of yourself if you’d like. Thera-LINK auto detects your time zone and your appointments will be displayed accordingly.

Finally, keep in mind that when using Thera-LINK, the more bandwidth you have available, the better your connection will be. Therefore, if you’re planning on using a phone or tablet, connecting to Wi-Fi will vastly improve the session.

Disconnections may occur. If we get disconnected, I’ll restart the session on my side. If you don’t see me in a few minutes, go back to the Dashboard and click the green join button again. I will call you if more than 5 minutes have elapsed.

Comments and Troubleshooting

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If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 321-961-4112