Counseling Services Provided

Major Health Insurance Plans and EAP benefit plans accepted.


Private/Self-Pay 1.5-hour Session - Weekend Appointments Available

Please don’t hesitate to give me a call and inquire about my fee for this specific offer.

This is a great service for clients who feel a 50-minute session is not enough talk time, or have special situations that require only one or occasional sessions.

Or, Some clients do not wish to use their health benefits, because insurances require a diagnosis with a mental health disorder in order to be billable. Many of life’s problems are not mental health disorders. A good example for this is marital/couples counseling; insurances do not pay for this service. Using your health insurance benefits for relationship problems requires the insurance holder must meet the criteria for diagnosis as a mental health disorder while his or her partner is present (who is considered a support to you in your treatment).

No time to come to my office?

Phone Sessions - available for established clients only.

Please inquire about phone session fees by calling or texting to 321-961-4112